Asparagus Plants


Walker Deluxe F1

  • Early
  • @98% Male Hybrid
  • Excellent Yielder
  • Medium spear with a tight head
  • Adapts to warm & cool climates
  • Highly Disease tolerant
  • Exceeds the Jersey Giant and Jersey Supreme in overall performance

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Purple Passion F1

  • 20% Sweeter than green varieties
  • For both warm and cooler climates
  • Large/Tender Spears
  • Disease tolerant
  • Attractive Purple spears for the Niche Markets

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Jersey Knight F1

  • Mid-season
  • Excellent Spear Quality
  • Adapts to warmer climates
  • Highly Disease tolerant
  • Favorite Variety for Roadside Markets

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For the Spring of 2017, we have changed the options for purchasing asparagus crowns. Jersey Knight F1 and Purple Passion F1 will once again be available. The Walker Deluxe F1 is our newest release and for the first time will be offered as a crown selection. See the back page for a description of all three asparagus varieties.

Walker Brothers, Inc. offers asparagus seed and crowns commercially. We also offer strawberry tips and plugs complete with varieties and prices for the plasticulture sys-tem in May 2017. The minimum order for asparagus crowns is 1,000 and 2,000 for the strawberry plugs. Please see below for our 2017 asparagus crown prices and remem-ber to order early! 

2017 Asparagus Crown Prices
Jersey Knight F1, Purple Passion F1, Walker Deluxe F1

Quantity   J Knight
P Passion
  Walker Deluxe
1,000 - 9,000
10,000 - 49,000
50,000 - 99,000
100,000 - 249,000
250,000 - 499,000
500,000 +
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A 2% discount on the asparagus crowns is being offered for the Spring of 2017.  If you spend $500.00 or more and pay your order in full by 1/15/17, you will SAVE 2% off the price of the crowns.  

We look forward to doing business with you and hope you have a great 2017!  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact or email us.  Thank you. 

The Walkers