Asparagus Plants


Walker Deluxe F1

  • Adapted to temperate, warm and cool climates
  • Early season variety
  • Male hybrid with high yield potential
  • For use in fresh and processing markets
  • Highly disease tolerant

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Jersey Giant F1

  • Adapted to temperate and cool climates
  • Early season variety
  • High yield potential
  • Medium to large green spear with slightly purple bracts
  • Tolerant to rust, fusarium and other foliar diseases

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Jersey Knight F1

  • Mid-season variety
  • Excellent spear quality
  • Adapts to warmer climates
  • Highly disease tolerant
  • Favorite variety for roadside markets

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Purple Passion F1

  • 20% Sweeter than green varieties
  • For both warm and cooler climates
  • Later spear production protects from early frost damage
  • Large and tender Spears
  • Disease tolerant
  • Attractive Purple spears for the niche markets

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Walker Brothers, Inc. i snow taking orders for asparagus seeds and crowns commercially. The minimum order for asparagus crowns is 1,000.

See below for our 2018 asparagus crown prices. Please order EARLY while supplies last.

Quantity   J Knight
P Passion
J Giant F1
Walker Deluxe
1,000 - 9,000
10,000 - 49,000
50,000 - 99,000
100,000 - 249,000
250,000 - 499,000
500,000 +
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Strawberry Tips & Plugs for the Plasticulture System are offered in the summer/fall of 2018. The minimum order for strawberry tips is 1,000 and for plugs it is 2,000. Chandler, Ruby June and Sweet Charlie varieties will be available and prices will be set by May 2018.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to contact us at 856-358-2548 or by email to

Thank you and good luck in 2018!

The Walkers