Asparagus Plants


Walker Deluxe F1

  • Early Season
  • @98% Male Hybrid
  • Excellent Yielder
  • Medium spear with a tight head
  • Adapted to warm & cool climates
  • Highly Disease tolerant

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Atlas F1TM

  • Early to Mid Season
  • High Yielder
  • Adapted to warmer climates
  • Medium to Large Spears with Tight Heads
  • Highly Tolerant to Fusarium

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Jersey Knight F1

  • Mid Season
  • Excellent Spear Quality
  • Adapted to warmer climates
  • Highly Disease tolerant
  • Favorite Variety for Roadside Markets

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Purple Passion F1

  • 20% Sweeter than green varieties
  • For both warm and cooler climates
  • Large/Tender Spears
  • Disease tolerant
  • Attractive Purple spears for the Niche Markets

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Asparagus crown season is here again. In the Spring of 2019, we will have another one of our seed varieties offered in crowns. The Atlas F1 will be available along with the Jersey Knight F1 and the Purple Passion F1. Due to the high demand and early orders, the Walker Deluxe F1 is, once again, SOLD OUT. The minimum order for asparagus crowns is 1,000 if they are being shipped. See the back page for a description of all four asparagus varieties.

Quantity   SOLD OUT
Walker Deluxe F1
J Knight
P Passion
(both F1)
1,000 - 9,000
10,000 - 49,000
50,000 - 99,000
100,000 - 249,000
250,000 - 499,000
500,000 +
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Prices are per/thousand

A 2% discount on the asparagus crowns is being offered for the Spring of 2019.
If you spend $500.00 or more and pay your order in full by
1/15/19, you will SAVE 2% off the price of the crowns.

Walker Brothers also offers plasticulture system strawberry tips and plugs. Look for the varieties and prices in May 2019. Dupont Row Cover is available year round.

We look forward to doing business with you and hope you have a great 2019! If there are any questions, please feel free to contact or email us. Thank you.

The Walkers